Symptom Checker


Minimize visits to clinic, and homecare centers amid lockdown

Break the chain by staying home , self-screening, and saving test kits

Includes COVID19 Self-Screening


Symptom Checker

24x7 self-scheduling, availability & wait time to flatten the curve

Isolate & prioritize COVID19 suspects amidst others


Symptom Checker

Maximize utilization of time, resources, and personnel with automated notifications

Aid the patients with trust, transparency & flexibility


teleconsultation icon

Practice remote consultation, telemedicine, and home healthcare amid restrictions, and movement restrictions.

Digital Payment

payment integration icon

Accept Cards, Net Banking, Wallets, UPI & EMI. Payments from multiple payment partners directly to your account.


ePrescription icon

Enables physicians, and other medical practitioners to write, and send prescriptions to the patients digitally.

Follow up

Follow up icon

Request for medical tests from patients online, effective follow-up care is essential to outpatient practices.

Home Care

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Extend healthcare services beyond clinics & collect patient samples from the comfort of their homes.

Top few challenges in healthcare/homecare services

Professional burnout

Symptom Checker

35-40 hours per week seeing patients, and over 15 hours on paperwork, and administrative work. This leaves little time for personal health, family life, and sleep.

No–show patients

Patient Connect

Over 31% no-shows in general medicine clinics leading to reduced quality of care, loss in productivity, financial losses, and impaired patient outcomes


Patient Appointments

Reaching telephonically, appointment availability, long waitlists, and in-clinic wait times. Appointment bookings limited to telephone, and clinic hours only

Reschedule & Follow-ups

Patient Questions

Quality patient-provider communication for missed appointments reschedules & follow-ups

Shaping Vaccine Administration plans, amid COVID-19new

patient wellness vaccine journey

How HealthCARE360 helps to shape the Vaccine Program

Medical Practitioner

Medical Practitioner
  • Enroll practitioners in the vaccine program
  • Schedule/manage appointment times
  • Administers vaccine
  • Monitors vaccination process
  • Reports data to state/local

Vaccine Recipient

Vaccine Recipient
  • The recipient identifies the provider in the vicinity & enrolls
  • Confirmation on access to vaccines
  • Completes pre-screening formalities & self-schedule
  • Receives vaccination
  • Report adverse effects (if any)
  • Access vaccination history / certification

Providers & Governing Body

Employer & Governing Body
  • Monitors enrolments
  • Manage vaccine stock & distribution
  • Define eligibility / priority guidelines
  • Track vaccination rates
  • Tracks adverse effects (if any)
  • Receives & reports data to the command center

HIPAA compliant

HealthCARE360 (built on HIPAA compliant platform)

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. We understand the sensitivities, and the significance associated with keeping patient healthcare data private, and secure.

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Patient care with HealthCARE360

Healthcare eBrochure

physical distancing
for Healthcare centers
A comprehensive healthcare exprience for salesforce

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What healthcare/homecare experts have advised

Reduce no-shows with automated personalized reminders

Reduce the manual effort of administrative work, and patient appointment logs

Maximize utilization of your medical resources, and personnel by managing their schedule online

Streamline your clinical workflow without distracting from patient care. Go Mobile

Patient Connect

Provide 24x7 appointment booking, and rescheduling with automated personalized reminders. Go Mobile

Trust, transparency, and flexibility (compared to phone bookings)

Increase patient satisfaction with reduced waiting time, and automated waiting lists

So, how can HealthCARE360 help?

Patient Connect

Extending Care Beyond Your Practice

Manage your clinics effectively, and practice medicine with a simplified cloud-based healthcare management software system

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Our Healthcare Experience Solution

Healthcare providers can benefit from digitizing, building, growing, and owning their healthcare practice while providing a comprehensive healthcare experience for their patients with self-scheduling, teleconsultation, and e-payment solutions built natively on Salesforce. HealthCARE360 offers multi-channel access to care & personalized patient experiences that go beyond episodic care. The platform is best suited for multi-specialty clinics, hospitals, and solo practitioners for both core medical, and allied health services.

Symptom Checker

Symptom Checker

Listen to your patients, uncover the possible causes of their symptoms, and help them find the right care.

Patient Connect

Patient Connect

AI-enabled bot for Facebook messenger makes it easier to pre-diagnose. Triage, and connect your patients with the appropriate medical services.


Patient Appointments

Streamlining consultations, online, and in-clinic. We help you keep track of your busy schedule, and manage your time.

Patient Questions

Patient Questions

Accessibility on your terms. Answer questions from patients without it affecting your personal time.



Communication made simple. Tell patients about what's new, and send communication about events that may be relevant to them.

Patient Health Records

Health Records

The right information leads to better decisions. Make informed decisions about your patient's care with access to their health records.

100% Native to

AI-enabled Chatbot
Facebook Messenger
Patient connect

Why HealthCARE360

  • healthCare

    Improve the pre-consultation experience of your patients.

  • Symptom Checker

    Get ready to address the millennials, 92% of which use a smartphone, and 82% prefer to use some form of social media to engage.

  • Patient connect

    Optimize the schedule/availability of your resident, and visiting doctors, and optimize the waiting time of your patients.

  • Patient appoinment

    Digitize the end-to-end patient experience, from initial appointment scheduling to consultation to follow-ups.

  • AI-enabled Chatbot

    Use pre-diagnostic AI to bring down consultation times by as much as 20%, allowing your doctors to see more patients daily.

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